Why We Do What We Do

Our daughter Eimear was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in September 2016. Eimear died on June 27th 2019 following complications from a stem cell (Bone Morrow) transplant

Eimear’s dying wish was that more people would join the Stem Cell Donor Registry. Anyone between the ages of 16-55 and in general good health can register as a blood stem cell donor. The healthiest stem cells come from people aged between 16—30. Young men in this age group make up only 16% of the stem cell register, but they provide an astonishing 55% of all donations.

Only 2.7% of people living in Northern Ireland here are registered as Stem Cell Donor’s. We are asking you to register as a Stem Cell Donor and encourage your family and friends to join the Stem Cell Donor Registry at Anthony Nolan, (aged 16-39) or DKMS.uk (aged 17-55).

Registering is a simple, pain free process. Upon registration a swab kit will be sent to you in the post which you use to swab the inside of your cheek and post back. Donation can be as simple a process as donating blood.

Every year 30 people or more In Northern Ireland have to find a total stranger who is willing to donate their Stem Cells otherwise they will have no chance of surviving their life threatening illness. 

Help us Create Hope for people with life threatening illnesses. 

Please join the Stem Cell Donor Registry today.  (Click Here)

For more information contact 

Eimear’s Wish: mobile number: 07450678785

Email: info@eimearswish.org

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